As a proud, pro-Trump conservative Republican who answered the call when President Trump asked me to be his Assistant Secretary of the Army, I am committed to advancing the America First Agenda. I am not afraid to take on The Swamp and the special interests who fought President Trump at every turn. I will fight Joe Biden when he tries to roll back the progress created under President Trump.



Big-city mayors and far-left activists are pouring money into causes that want to strip away our constitutionally protected right to bear arms. I will fight these leftists at every turn. I strongly believe in Constitutional Carry, oppose the unconstitutional Red Flag laws that would strip Americans of their gun rights without due process, and will only support judges who respect and commit to uphold our Second Amendment.



I am 100% pro-life and have never wavered in my commitment to protecting the unborn. I believe we need to outlaw the horrendous procedure of partial-birth abortion, oppose the far-left’s attempts to allow tax dollars to go to Planned Parenthood, and will support only qualified judges who believe that life begins at conception.



The U.S. Department of Education, the Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Justice exercise undue control over local schools by threatening school systems with the loss of federal funding. These agencies are using this control to introduce Critical Race Theory into K-12 classrooms and instill belief systems among children that divide Americans along the lines of race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual preferences. These agencies plan to offer school systems grants to teach theories that denigrate principles upon which America was founded and that undermine parental influence in developing their children’s values. As Assistant Secretary of the Army, I fought the introduction of this malignant influence at West Point, and I will fight to prevent the introduction of this malignant influence into our local schools. As Superintendent of Huntsville City Schools, I fought such influences when the Obama Administration sought to introduce federal transgender guidelines into our schools. In Congress, I will fight to keep the Biden Administration’s transgender agenda from being implemented in the Equality Act (H.R. 5) as the law of the land and subsequently pervade our great Alabama schools.



The threat to our way of life is real. The socialist left is working to remove any semblance of America’s proud past. From removing Abraham Lincoln from our schools to tearing down monuments and statues that memorialize America’s history, the left will stop at nothing to demoralize Americans, undermine American’s faith in our institutions, and substitute socialist and Marxist ideals for American values. I will fight back against attempts to introduce Critical Race Theory as a belief system in our schools and workplaces. I will fight back against those who try to prevent Americans from building their businesses based upon merit and competitiveness. I will fight against the introduction of federal government control over local zoning rules. I will fight against those who try to punish Americans for speaking their mind. Above all, I will fight against those who try to prevent Americans from enjoying the protections of liberty guaranteed by our constitution. The cancel culture is made up of people who truly hate America and would prefer our country be more like Venezuela and other failed states in which the government controls the people rather than the people controlling their government.



The 2020 Presidential elections were a mess in many states. Because of Alabama’s strict ballot security measures and voter I.D. law, our state was a model of election integrity for the nation. I believe we need to encourage other states to model what Alabama has done. In Congress, I will push back against leftist schemes such as Nancy Pelosi’s “For the People Act (H.R. 1)” that weaken our election integrity laws. I support requiring voters to show an I.D. before voting and I oppose Nancy Pelosi’s efforts to nationalize our elections.



During the 2020 election, Big Tech companies and other leftist interests worked to hide the radical left agenda, silence conservative voices on social media platforms, and reinforce the cancel culture. I will fight to rewrite Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, treat social media firms as publishers, and remove special protections these monopolies rely upon to hinder competition and censor free speech.



President Trump turned to the Army to build the wall along our southern border to stop illegal immigrants from pouring into our country, and I was part of President Trump’s team at the Pentagon who actually built the wall. Now, Joe Biden has halted those efforts, and we have a crisis at the border. I will vote to fully fund the wall and finish the job that I helped start in the Army. I will work to support legal immigration that is in the interests of Americans first. I will work to deport those here illegally, so they don’t harm the interests of American citizens, communities, and legal immigrants who played by the rules to become Americans.



A father of three service members and a 30-year Army veteran himself, Casey understands and prioritizes the need for reform in our VA system. He supports strengthening programs that allow Veterans to choose where they receive healthcare. Casey also wants to ensure a smooth transition to civilian life, and supports programs for transition to post-service employment. Finally, he believes that we must improve our screening and treatment practices for PTSD and other conditions in order to end Veteran suicide.



Israel shares our most fundamental values. It is a beacon of freedom and democracy in a hostile region. I oppose any efforts to impose a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on Israel or limit commercial relations with Israel, or persons or entities doing business with Israel. I support President Trump’s decision to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem. I support America’s longstanding commitment to Israel’s security and to ensuring that Israel maintains a qualitative military edge over any adversary.



Iran is governed by a rogue regime that is a threat to its neighbors and American interests. This regime must not be appeased. America must maintain crushing sanctions on the Iranian regime until it ends its support for terrorism, its program to develop long-range missiles and its pursuit of nuclear weapons. America must retain all options in dealing with the threat posed by the Iranian regime.


The Chinese Communist Party seeks to dominate its regional neighbors, control vital trade routes in the South China Sea, mount influence operations in America, and surpass America in key technologies. I support efforts to strengthen Taiwan’s self-defense capacity and America’s cooperation with Japan, Australia, India, as counters to Chinese influence and domination. America should highlight tyrannical and inhumane practices of the Chinese Communist Party including its actions to crush freedom in Hong Kong and imprison and eradicate religious peoples and ethnic minorities in China. I support a strong forward military presence in the Western Pacific to counter growing Chinese military capabilities. This includes deploying hypersonic missiles now in development at Redstone Arsenal. America must implement trade policy to greatly reduce American dependence on China for key goods and resources, to level the playing field for American firms, and to strengthen protection of American intellectual property from theft by Chinese entities. Finally, America must effectively counter the Chinese Communist Party’s capacity to mount effective influence operations in and against our country.