Honorable E. Casey Wardynski

United States Army, Pentagon, Washington D.C.                                                                                        

Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower & Reserve Affairs) providing strategic direction and oversight of a $90 Billion annual program spanning military and civilian human capital functions well as policy development to drive modernization in Talent Management for 1.3 Million military and civilian personnel, recruiting, education and training for new recruits, for West Point and ROTC cadets, and for career professionals.  Appointed by President Trump. Confirmed by the U.S. Senate.  Established strategic direction for all Army people programs as well as the development of the Army’s Five-Year Defense Plan to resource all Army manpower, training, network, and marketing programs.

Key Contributions:

  • Developed and implemented the first Army People Strategy to modernize the Army’s approach to acquiring, developing, employing, and retaining talent.  This strategy is now driving change across the Army’s military and civilian manpower programs to ensure the Army has the right leaders, Soldiers, and civilians in the right position, at the right time.
  • Designed and implemented a new enterprise organization and approach to marketing Army opportunities to recruitable young adults and rising generations.  This approach significantly contributed to the Army ability to surmount recruiting challenges associated with COVID19 and achieve mission success in 2020.
  • Conceived and implemented an integrated approach to modernizing Army recruiting that includes talent assessment to identify Soldiers who can succeed as recruiters, and performance pay to reward recruiters for enlisting young adults who successfully served their initial term of service.  These programs represent the most significant modernization of recruiting since 1980.  They are on track to achieve several billion dollars in savings over the 2021-2026 Defense Plan.
  • Began the first systemic modernization of JROTC to align the establishment of JROTC programs in new host schools with Army talent management requirements while updating the JROTC curriculum to attract enrollments among honors and advanced placement students seeking certification in Cyber Security and allied national security STEM fields.  

FISH Technologies, Addison, TX                                                                                                                         

2016 – 2018
Chief Executive Officer of the industry leader in deploying “Big Data” event solutions for world-class brands from the NFL, MLB and US Open Tennis to market leaders such as Salesforce, IBM, and TIME Inc. 

Key Contributions:

  • Drove revenue growth from a ten-year average of 4% prior to 2016 to 30% per year during 2017 and 2018.
  • Increased gross margin from an average of 40% prior to 2016 to 60% by 2018.
  • Grew earnings from zero prior to 2016 to 15 percent earnings in 2018.
  • Led 3x revenue sale of FISH Technologies to Patron Technologies between October 1 and November 14, 2018.

Huntsville City Schools, Huntsville, AL                                                                                                       

2011 – 2016
Chief Executive Officer/ Superintendent of a 24,000-student school system.  Led the system out of debt and reversed declining enrollments, graduation rates and competitiveness.  Outsourced non-core functions, improved efficiencies in school maintenance and operations, right sized the school system from 46 to 36 schools while replacing a third of old schools with 21st Century facilities. Created a system-wide talent management system for hiring and placing teachers and school leaders to improve educational outcomes for all students while transforming instruction from textbooks to the nationals first large, system-wide one-to-one digital learning environment focused upon personalized learning. 

Key Contributions:

  • Built strong financial structure from the ground up. Transformed a $19 million operating deficit into a $35 million surplus while building $270 million of new schools and redirecting $9 million per year to provide all students with IPads or Laptops and a fully digital curriculum to support their personalized learning in school and at home.
  • Increased enrollments and student outcomes.  Increased enrollments by the equivalent of a new elementary school every two years.  Increased the high school graduation rate from 66% to 88% while leading the system to become one of seven National Cyber Security Centers of Excellence and home to the Greenpower USA battery powered car racing program to support science, technology, engineering and math education across the nation.
  • Increase school competitiveness.  Led improvements that saw eight of nine underperforming schools removed from the State’s failing list while leading nine other schools to become National Blue-Ribbon Schools of Excellence.
  • Negotiated the systems first desegregation consent decree with the U.S. District Court and the U.S. Department of Justice to end federal supervision of the system that began in 1970.  This multi-year effort provided the system with a plan and benchmarks for reaching unitary status in six program areas ranging from student assignment to facilities.

U.S. Army Game Project, America’s Army, West Point, NY                                                                         

1999 – 2010
Director / Colonel. 
Selected to lead innovative marketing programs designed to modernize Army’s recruiting in the digital age.

Key Contributions:

  • Conceived and led development / deployment of the America’s Army game.  Garnering over 13 million online players at a fraction of the cost of legacy marketing approaches.  This first-of-its-kind use of game technology became the Army’s premier channel for engaging rising generations.  Under my leadership, the America’s Army Game Project also became the Army’s leading platform for creating and deploying low-cost, high-fidelity, networked training solutions and for using game technology to support the development of new weapon systems and operational concepts. 
  • Conceived and led the creation and operation of the Virtual Army ExperienceRedefining Army event marketing, this immersive event experience became the leading source of recruiting contracts from Army marketing events.  While providing over 30,000 visitors per year with an immersive and realistic Army experience, this highly instrumented experience generated real-time information to support recruiting at air shows, fairs, theme parks, and racing events. 

U.S. Army Office of Economic & Manpower Analysis, United States Military Academy, West Point, NY      

1995 – 2010
Director and Associate Professor of Economics / Colonel. 
Selected to provide national military leaders with analytic and program implementation support to create the Army of the future.  Established the premier manpower data warehouse in the Department of Defense and led the work of military economists and analysts to support effective Department of Army level decision-making.

Key Contributions:

  • Conceived and led the Army-wide implementation of Career Satisfaction Programs.   Conceived a system of pre-commissioning incentives to reverse falling retention among junior officers from West Point and ROTC Scholarship programs.  These incentives reversed seven years of declining retention of high-potential officers that placed the Army in an unsustainable situation by 2004.  These incentives more than doubled Army retention of high-potential officers and saved the Army over $2 billion in leader development costs through 2016.
  • Conceived and implemented Army Talent Management.  Developed and published six white papers that provided the theoretical framework upon which senior Army leaders relied to shift the Army from its prior leader strategy focused on competence to a leader strategy focused upon talent.  Conceived the Green Pages talent management system to modernize the selection, development, retention, and employment of junior officers within a market-based framework in place of the legacy command and control approach. The Army has institutionalized this focus on talent in the Army Talent Management Taskforce, its leader development doctrine and its new Assignment Interactive Module to ensure the Army has the right leaders, in the right position, and at the right time to meet emerging threats.

United States Army, Worldwide service in ranks 2nd Lieutenant through Major                                             

1980 – 1995


Doctorate, Policy Analysis, Rand Graduate School, Santa Monica, CA

Master in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School – Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Bachelor of Science, United States Military Academy, West Point, NY

Selected Publications and Products (300+ Citations)

Officer Corps Strategy Series, Towards a U.S. Army Officer Corps Strategy for Success:
A Proposed Human Capital Model Focused Upon Talent

Acquiring Talent

Developing Talent

Employing Talent

Retaining Talent

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Military Compensation in the Age of Two-Income Households.  Adding Spouses’ Earnings to the Compensation Policy Mix, 2000

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U.S. Army Leadership Award, January 2021
Distinguished Public Service Award, 2021, United States Army

Superior Public Service Award, 2019, United States Army

National Award for Merit, 2016 – Boys and Girls Club of America
Tech-Savvy Superintendent of 2013, eSchool News, February 2013
Thought Leader, Bleeding Talent: How the US Military Mismanages Great Leaders…, by Tim Kane, 2012
Distinguished Service Medal, 2010, Legion of Merit, 2007, United States of America
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